Referrals to our DBT Skills Group can be made by: 
  1.  A primary individual mental health practitioner. 

All Referrals can by Made By: 

  1. Using the online referral form below.
  2. Using a pdf referral form which can be downloaded below and emailed to info@thecenteroflifecounseling.com

For referring therapist:

Our DBT skills group is meant to supplement the individual therapy work you and your client are currently doing.

Our DBT skills group is not meant to replace the individual therapy currently being provided. Dialectical behavioral therapy was designed to be a clinical team approach that was meant to include both individual and group skills training concurrently.

By referring your clients to our DBT Group it will allow:

  1. You and your client to focus on individual needs.
  2. While we support your client in gaining effective skills that reduce therapy interfering in the following skillful ways:
    1. Reduce distress tolerance
    2. Increase mindfulness
    3. Increase interpersonal effectiveness and
    4. Increase emotional regulation skills 

Communication and collaboration:

Communication and collaboration is important to the overall function of a DBT therapeutic team. We strive to have continued communication and collaboration with you as an individual therapist throughout the time your client is participating in our skills group.

Once your client is a member of our skills group our team of therapist will email the primary therapist on a weekly basis to communicate what was covered in the class what activities were practiced and what homework was assigned. Please note that our therapist do not provide personal information conveyed in this email.

What happens next?
  1. Referrals will be acknowledged and individuals will be invited to complete further screening and orientation processes. 
  2. The Center of Life Counseling will schedule an individual intake appointment to fully orient client and gain client commitment to our skills group. 
  3. We will inform all primary clinicians of the outcome of their referral via email. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: a referral form submitted to our team does not guarantee engagement of services. In the case that we are unable to accommodate your referral we will inform you, as primary referring clinician and provide additional resources to you and your client via email. 


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