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Thank you so much for considering The Center of Life Counseling as a resource for therapy. However, at this time, we are no longer accepting new clients as our schedule is full and we take pride in our work and have chosen to also focus on the health and wellness of our therapist to prevent and manage burn out and continue to offer valuable therapy to our current clients. 

However, we have worked directly with several providers, over the years, and have put together a list of preferred provider resources (in no particular order) in an attempt to assist with finding a therapist to fit your needs as you continue your journey.

Please see below:

  1. DBT Therapist
  2. Couples & Family Therapist 
  3. Adolescent & Teen Therapist 
  4. Child Therapist 

If you are in need of additional referrals here are a few other general resources that link to directories to locate providers that may fit your needs: 

  1. Psychology Today 
  2. Good Therapy 
  3. Theravive
  4. Aetna 
  5. Cigna 

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