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Relationships are confusing. No two relationships are the same. It is difficult to answer the questions, “What is a healthy relationship?” or “What is an unhealthy relationship?” This is because what may be healthy for one couple may or may not be healthy for another couple.

However, sings of a healthy relationship have one common denominator and that is they are NEVER abusive. So, consider asking yourself the following:

  • How do I know if I am in an abusive relationship?
  • What are the warning signs of a toxic relationship?
  • What is a healthy relationship?

Signs of Domestic Abuse or an Unhealthy Relationship

If you are questioning if you are in an unhealthy relationship or if you have concerns your relationship is toxic, you may identify with one or more of the following common signs of abuse:

  • Inconsistent
  • Unstable
  • Insecure
  • Intense
  • Full of fear and anxiousness

Many abuse survivors described their abusive relationship as “walking on eggshells” because the unhealthy relationship is “occasionally” calm, safe, secure, and trusting.

Unhealthy and abusive relationships have negative impacts on your life, often in more than one way. Below are several ways abuse negatively impacts your life.

Forms of Domestic Violence:

  • Psychological/Emotional
  • Physical
  • Sexual
  • Financial

Signs of a Psychologically and Emotionally Abusive Relationship:

  • You are more isolated from friends, family, and social support than before the relationship.
  • You feel crazy or often question the truth of what you are seeing and hearing.
  • Evokes significant fear of abandonment: “If you don’t do ___, I’ll find someone else who will.”; “You’ll never be good enough for anyone else”;
  • You are humiliated, embarrassed and called derogatory names.
  • You often hear verbal threats related to future abuse such as “I’ll leave you if…” or “I’ll hit you if…”
  • You are often interrogated about your schedule, life, friends, hobbies or anything that occurs outside of the relationship.

Signs of a Physically Abusive Relationship:

  • Shoving, slapping, hair pulling, pinching, kicking, poisoning, applying force to the throat, holding your head under water, restraining, shaking, throwing, biting, hitting with fist or object, cutting off air supply, or using a weapon.

Signs of a Sexually Abusive Relationship:

  • Physical or psychological force to coerce or compel a partner or individual to engage in sexual acts against his or her will. You may hear, “Just do it because you love me” despite you expressing a deep desire against it.

Symptoms of Abuse or an Unhealthy Relationship

The chronic stress of being in an unhealthy, toxic, neglectful or abusive relationship can result in any of the following symptoms of abuse:

Physical Symptoms of an Unhealthy and Abusive Relationship:

  • Increased heart rate or heart related health concerns
  • Significant changes in your sleep such as increased or decreased need
  • Increased/decreased eating
  • Chronic physical pain including migraines
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Sexual intimacy difficulties – difficulty becoming aroused

Emotional and Social Symptoms of an Abusive or Toxic Relationship:

  • Decreased social connectedness with previous friends and family
  • Feeling sad or anxious when away from your partner
  • Feeling uncomfortable being yourself around your partner
  • Difficulty concentrating or with attention and focus
  • Feeling anxious, indecisive or uncomfortable making decisions on your own
  • Fear, anxiousness and anger
  • Sadness, depression
  • Loss of trust in self and in others
  • Fear of intimacy

Whether suffering from intimate partner violence, domestic abuse, or an unhealthy relationship, it is critical to reach out to people you trust as well as seek out professional domestic abuse counseling and domestic abuse resources for help.

Living with harmful, painful, and unhealthy relationships may leave you feeling lonely, exhausted, and confused. Attempting to understand or make meaning out of what you are seeing and hearing becomes more and more difficult as the abuse and relationship continues.

As a domestic violence survivor, you may have suffered from physical, emotional, verbal, psychological, or sexual abuse by someone close to you, such as a significant other, family member, sibling or child and may be asking, “How do I cope with unhealthy relationships?”

Orlando Domestic Violence Therapy Counseling

Our Orlando Domestic Abuse Therapy & Domestic Abuse Counseling services and relationship experts at Center of Life Counseling in Orlando can help. Our relationship counselors provide non-judgmental and empathetic assistance and domestic violence resources when answering all of your relationship questions.

Together we will:

  • Identify signs of an abusive relationship
  • Pinpoint warning signs of a toxic relationship
  • Develop an individualized plan to protect and avoid unhealthy, toxic, and abusive relationships
  • Create an individualized path to finding healthy, safe and secure relationships

When you are unsure of where to turn, our relationship counselors at Center of Life Counseling are here to extend a safe, professional, and compassionate space for healing from an abusive relationship. Our abuse experts provide gentle care and support throughout your healing journey.

Scheduling an Appointment

If you are concerned that you are experiencing an abusive or unhealthy relationship you may feel confused, overwhelmed and exhausted. It may be extremely difficult to take action and schedule an appointment as a result, our therapist and counselors are here to help by providing an initial phone consultation to answer any questions you may have about healthy vs unhealthy relationships.

Waiting to begin therapy rarely ever helps. The earlier we can begin, the more effective healing will be.

Together we will overcome unhealthy relationships.

If relationship help is needed, don’t suffer any longer. Contact the Center of Life Counseling by calling or emailing us to set up an initial relationship therapy consultation today.

We answer live 7 days a week from 9 AM- 9 PM. We look forward to speaking with you.

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Entrust in the Center of Life Counseling, and we will lead the way to a better life! Specializing in Orlando Domestic Violence Therapy Counseling, Orlando Emotional Abuse Therapy Counseling, and Orlando Depression Therapy Counseling we give our patients the tools to cope and prevail, while providing resources of our own to assist in the process.

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