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At this time in your life, you may be feeling discouraged and frustrated, trying to change something in your life that does not seem to want to change. These feelings are likely interfering with other parts of your life, making your days and interactions extremely difficult. Perhaps, you find yourself isolating, avoiding important tasks, and feeling an overall sense of dread and sadness. However, some part of you has at least a tiny bit of hope as you find yourself looking for a counselor who is committed to assisting you with healing. I will listen and support you for however long it takes us to get through these tough moments. I will connect and relate with you. I promise to help you “grow” that sense of hope and develop realistic steps in the direction of your goals. We will move you towards freedom, regaining independence from behaviors, thoughts, or relationships that no longer serve you. We will transition from “survival” mode to actually living the life of your dreams.

I would be honored to serve as a guide for you, persistently helping you to grow that sense of hope. I join you in the counseling room nonjudgmentally and am 100% accepting of anything that you bring up – nothing that you say will surprise me. I am gentle and compassionate, encouraging you to channel the strength and wisdom that already exists within you but may be hidden by self-defeating thoughts.  We will find a balance between processing recent events and learning skills to cope better in the future. We can explore a variety of techniques to regulate our emotions, build self-confidence, and manage stress well. We will customize the skills, so they are “healthy” and “effective” for your specific situations. Through the counseling relationship, your perspective will change in a positive direction, and the skills will become automatic. 

I am the first to admit that reaching out for help is difficult. We may be set on making the changes ourselves. In reality, we help ourselves and show incredible strength in pursuing counseling with an experienced professional. Our first step can be a free, 15-minute phone consultation to answer any questions and to determine if I am the right counselor for your current desires. I am eagerly awaiting your call to start the journey towards creating your “life worth living”.   

All the best,
Lauren Eadie, LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

**Due to CDC recommendations, all sessions are currently being held virtually on a secure video platform, similar to the experience of Facetime or Skype. Feel free to contact me with any questions**