Rob Ferry

Licensed Mental Health Counselor 407-476-1432

Hi there,

My name is Rob and I’m grateful you visited my page. Today you began searching for someone to help you navigate a tough time in your life. You may be feeling lost, depressed, afraid, or stressed out. Maybe you’ve found yourself taking on more work to stay busy to fight off these feelings or you notice you’re hostile with people you care about and aren’t sure why you feel so reactive. Maybe you’ve completely shut out people you love just to feel like you’re less of a burden to them. Somedays you may even be using drugs and alcohol as a way to cope and leave these troubles behind only to find the next day feels worse than the day before it. For whatever reason, no matter what you do or how you try, life just feels hollow and the things that used to bring you joy just aren’t cutting it anymore.

This is where you and I begin the healing phase of your mental health journey. What you are experiencing is very normal and very treatable and my job is to support you and teach you skills to get back into living a life you care about. Working with me is not always easy, however. I’ll be your rock throughout this process and will challenge you to work hard so you build on the skills I teach you in each session. I will treat you as an equal and make sure you feel you are getting the most out of each session. I want you to move out of counseling feeling safe, confident, and able to handle your emotions no matter what life throws at you.

It’s okay to have mental health problems and look for help. It doesn’t make you weak or less of a person to take this step. If you’re ready to take control of your emotions, to really feel like you run your life and it doesn’t run you, let’s work together. I provide free, 15-minute phone consultations specifically to answer any questions you may have. Just call the office to setup a phone consult. I return calls within 24-48 hours and I look forward to speaking to you.

Rob Ferry, LMHC, NCC, Licensed Paramedic
Licensed Mental Health Counselor